Just took Ms. Madeline out for a walk and….

of course, living in Chicago I scooped her shit up in a bag and threw it in the Recycling trash can in the alley way. I hear someone’s window open up and a lady yell, “Did you just throw your dog shit in someone’s garbage can?!” I’m looking around like, who the heck is that? So I see this lady through her window screen LIVID about the dog shit.I’m like, “Yeah, the bag was plastic.” She repeats her statement again, like I didn’t hear it the first time, “Did you just throw your dog shit in someone’s garbage can?” To which I respond AGAIN, “Yes, but it was plastic.” Part of me wanted to give this lady the finger and tell her where to go and that I’d throw my dog shit wherever I wanted because at least I was kind enough to pick it up in the first place but I politely waited for her to say something else. “You can’t do that,” she says, “they don’t even compost that stuff.” I’m kind of like thinking, um, it’s 10:30am and too early for a verbal lashing or for me to get angry so I just march over and place the bag in a regular trash can, no recycling in the bags imminent future. “I’m sorry, I thought they had a seperating facility, I was just going to recycle the bag.” And then she smiles, she freaking smiles! “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to yell at you but no, they don’t separate anything, you’re better off just throwing it away in a regular trashcan.”  

I guess sometimes in life, you just have to pick and choose your battles and this morning, I wasn’t in the mood to fight for my dog’s shit.

But I did come home and google it and this is what I found. Looks like we were both wrong.

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